Ezra's bagels was started by husband and wife team, Chelsea of New York, and Giuseppe of Boston. It's named after their newborn son, Ezra.


After years of searching for the perfect bagel in Prague, things really came to a head during Chelsea's pregnancy, when the only thing she craved were bagels. Desperation lead to action, and she and Giuseppe took on the task of making their own. After months of working on the recipe, they found it their civic duty to share this taste of home with other desperate residents of Prague.


As we are quite literally a mom and pop operation, we're currently fulfilling orders as they come. All bagels are made fully by hand. This means that you may, unfortunately, have to a day or two for your order. We are taking orders via Facebook, Instagram, and email (ezrasbagels@gmail.com). All orders are made by hand to order for scheduled pickup in Letenské nám.

When reaching out, please include which bagels you would like to order, and ideally when you would like to pick-up.

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Poppy Seed Bagel
Everything Bagel
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